Why is grammar so important?

It’s simple, it’s what keeps people from assuming you’re an idiot right off the bat. Too often in an online setting do I find myself reading comments, and posts, with bad grammar. And when I read these posts and comments I find myself immediately discrediting the intended messages because, well, I can’t seem to understand what people are saying. Really, the only conclusion I can come to about this situation is that people either just don’t care about grammar, or the school system failed them in teaching grammar. However, can you really blame the school system? Grammar, to most people, is one of the most boring and tedious matters to learn. Not all of us have had passioned grammar lovers as teachers, so, unfortunately, a lot of people hate grammar. So I guess I could say that what I hate about grammar is the fact that people – including teachers and students – just don’t care about such an important aspect of language.

Although what I do love about grammar is a little different, I love that proper grammar is what allows a language to be beautiful. English is such an abrupt and bland language, but with good grammar and a great writing style, English can be wonderful to read. It isn’t French, no, nothing is like the French language; however, when you care about your writing, English can truly be beautiful.

But, like I said earlier, the school system is what fails you when it comes to learning proper writing. If you do twelve years of schooling, only to come out with the same writing skills you had in grade 6, then the school system failed you. However, although your school is the main source of information when first learning grammar, the increased use of social media platforms and online media services has drastically diminished grammars widespread use, but it has not killed its importance.

Thankfully, grammar will always be important. For as long as there is language, there is a need for grammar. And to go off of this post’s title; grammar is important to me, a communications major, because it separates myself and my peers from the amateurs, i.e. those who aren’t professionals in the field of language. One of my favorite quotes from the movie Arrival – a film that deals with the importance of understanding language – goes something like, “Language is the foundation of civilization.” And to my understanding, without language, we wouldn’t have anything. So that’s why it is important to understand grammar.


One thought on “Why is grammar so important?

  1. “It keeps people from assuming you’re an idiot right off the bat.” This is always my first thought when someone asks me why I care about good grammar, and I agree with you about discrediting those who disregard good grammar in any context. Awesome post, Sushami!


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