Don’t get me wrong! I love grammar! When I first stepped foot into BCSC 100, I wasn’t sure what exactly I was going to be in for with that class. I felt that I had a great grasp on grammar and how to identify good grammar vs bad grammar, but boy was I ever wrong. I finished the class with a B+ but when I look back on my experience with that class, I can’t help but feel like I got annihilated. Though BCSC 100 felt tough at the time, it made me a better writer. I have now become THAT person that corrects people on their grammar whether we are having an in-person conversation, or simply just texting back and forth. I mean, I actually texted a friend to tell her that her grammar was completely wrong in her Instagram caption, and that she should change it! Crazy!


I feel that grammar is an integral part of language, no matter what language you speak. Moreover, grammar is essential to communications and journalism, because a grammar mistake is the difference between an appropriate or inappropriate headlines in the news or in a memo being sent out to an entire team. The sad and scary part, is that it is slowly dying out as the years and generations go by, and our advancements in technology continue. We now live in an era where you must type your message in 140 characters (spaces included) or less! Do we really think grammar is going to be made a priority?! Absolutely not! With the rise of social media platforms, grammar is being pushed to the backburner. I am more than happy to continue to advocate and use grammar properly within my everyday life, however, I do have some issues about grammar which lead into why I hate grammar.


When I think about why I hate grammar, only one thing comes to mind. The grammar Nazis/police/snobs. You know the people who can’t let you speak your mind freely because you forgot to add a semicolon? Yup. Them. They are the reason I hate grammar. I am someone who likes to ensure that whoever I am communicating with uses proper grammar, but because I want them best for them and to me, that includes using the right grammar. However, the grammar snobs don’t in fact want the best for you, they want to be complete assholes online WHILE commenting and correcting your grammar. They are the people that feel as though if you don’t use proper grammar, we don’t even want to hear what you have to say.


Is there a solution to all of this? I believe so. It comes in the form of educating. For the people who aren’t as well versed in grammar, be open to learning what you don’t know. For the self-proclaimed “grammar snobs” rather than judge people you have never met, lend them a helping hand. Instead of shutting them down, explain the grammar error they made and how they can prevent it in the future. Turn every opportunity into a learning opportunity. Everyone is capable of being great at grammar and if we do that, then I’m sure my love/hate relationship will turn into a love relationship. – Riona Harriott



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