What I love, or hate, about grammar

I never thought grammar mattered. I never thought grammar mistakes were noticeable, nor so apparent in the countless essays I have written in high school and University. After enrolling into communication studies, and partaking in a mandatory grammar course, I hated grammar even more; however, I learnt how essential and important the use of correct grammar is. Misplaced modifiers, comma splices, dangling modifiers, incorrect grammar structures, such as the ones mentioned, never occurred to me as being important or vital in constructing a sentence. Today however, they are picked a part, easily identified, and searched for by my English and communication professors.


Am I confident in producing pieces of writing without little grammatical errors? No. Am I better at understanding the importance of grammar, and have seen improvements within my writing after taking such courses? Yes.


For example, understanding the use of simplistic words such as your and you’re have helped me identify when to, and not to, use the correct phrases. The use of commas, and semi colon’s have helped enhance my writing and eliminate the use of run-on sentences that frequently occurred within my writing. With insightful knowledge about the importance and correct use of grammar it has helped simplify my writing, and encouraged reader’s to understand the points I am trying to address in my work.


Grammar within Journalism is hugely essential, and this is why there is heightened importance within these professions that you are competent with grammar. You’re writing in this profession is tailored for large demographics, and if there are errors within your work, what kind of message are you sending out to the general public? What will the public think about you and your work if there are multiple errors within it? Errors portray sloppiness, distrust, and a lack of reliability and credit to your work and integrity. This negative portrayal is enough to deter any journalist from wanting to misuse grammar within their writing.

Therefore, grammar is essential, I still hate it, but recognize its importance. It is finicky, and a skill that many learn, but little understand.


By Zoe Cronin


  • There are probably multiple, if not many grammar mistakes or errors within this writing; however, it is a work in progress, and something that I am continually trying to learn, incorporate, and understand in my writing.

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