We have a Love/Hate Relationship



Grammar, it’s important and necessary, I get it. But it doesn’t mean I have to like it. I can honestly tell you before this university year I had never head of a subordinating clause, a dangling modifier, or what a verbal was. I will just let that tell you about the English education students in high school are getting now.

Now in the terrifying world we all participate in called proper grammar, I’m not the biggest fan of being a citizen. While I understand the importance of avoiding comma splices and making sure that we are using the proper effect or affect, grammar has way too many particularities for me to keep up with and remember. If it is expected that I am going to remember every small rule about verbs, modifiers, and subject verb agreement, I’ll just let you down right now and tell you I will not remember them all, and I most likely will forget how to implement them in my writing. So sorry.

While I may not enjoy this crazy world of grammar I get its importance, I really do. In the Journalism field I think we would have a lot more problems if we didn’t have grammar. Sometimes things can be written in a context that is confusing and if it were to be on an important issue that held people’s lives at risk it can be fatal if the grammar isn’t correct. Even in the Communications world running a social media for a company and running ads and having a grammar mistake can change the message entirely and ruin the campaign and/or ad.

fb_icon_325x325.png  unnamed-1.png  unnamed.png

I find that in this era of many Social Medias, like Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram, and Twitter, that grammar is barely present if at all. But I don’t think it’s needed on these platforms as they are informal and mainly for pleasure of the person using it. If I were to do a tweet about my 202 Communications class I wouldn’t have proper grammar and makes sure every comma splice was gone and that the subject and verb agreement was all in order. Honestly I’d most likely say something along the lines of this

“Omg luv my 202 class sooooo funny 2 kewl of a class #lovethisclass”

Now while this is obviously not proper grammar or spelling the point is the same and people still understood my message. So on Social Media unless you are a company trying to promote a business, it will remain a place for the more untraditional grammar approach. I don’t think it matters how proper you are on a Snap Chat or Instagram. But I will say that this no grammar thing on sites that we use every day and all day have taken a toll on my personal grammar skills and my 100 grammar class professor has her work cut out for her with me.


-Rebecca Kerrison



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