Not So Silently Judging You

I do not always use proper grammar all punctuations at all times. Ironically, this may be one of those times. I am not a grammar Nazi, but I do think it is important to have a minimum understanding of what correct grammar and punctuation is. The grammatical skills of a decent amount of the human population has gone to hell. The age of social media has created a new language and quite frankly it annoys me. I leave Facebook with a headache at least twice a day.

People seem to forget that their is such a thing as a comma or an apostrophe. When using social media people adapt these speech shortcuts: replacing words with symbols, omitting capital letters and apostrophes, and removing letters from words. I myself am guilty of why-grammar-is-important_o_326731using internet English.I understand this is done in an effort to save time. But, when I can go on Facebook and see the following statuses:  “am so tired of him” “am going out, “ and my all time favorite “don’t hate me cause AM beautiful” (these are all sadly real by the way) there is a problem.  What are you doing with YOUR life. If YOU’RE an adult who doesn’t know the difference between ‘I’M’ and ‘AM you need to get off social media. While WE’RE on this topic, I would like to know who kidnapped the apostrophe. I have not seen one since 2015.

I understand texting needs to be as fast as humanly possibly (because the fact that person gets it within seconds isn’t fast enough ) however, one does not need to  eliminate grammar completely. I get it. When YOU’RE sending a message to a friend or making a status YOU’RE  not going to be bothered by little things such as punctuation and subject-verb agreement, but at least try to construct a decent sentence.


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