The knowledge is not stopping us

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a show called Black MirrorThis show essentially portrays a dark side of technology and even social media. One episode that stood out to me, episode 1 of season 3. In this episode, the protagonist (Lacie Pound) lives in a pastel, ‘smiley’ world where you are who you are, based on your popularity.You can receive stars, and take them away. These stars assume the role of a like/dislike rating. People’s livelihood relies on the stars they receive from other people. Your house, your job, even your friends are influenced by your overall, online rating. Not only that, (in this reality), other people have the right to judge you. If you display “angry” emotions, random people have the right to give you a lower rating. You are…giving strangers the right to judge. 1976041_0

This stood out to me, because this is what we do in our everyday lives. Our social media accounts are less private. Companies are allowed to review their employees online social media, friends of friends can view your profiles and so on and so on…

But despite all this, we as a society are not changing. We seem to be pushing ourselves into a reality, where people judge you, and your life is based on how popular you really are. Are we doing this on purpose? The knowledge we have on social media, is not changing how we act.

At the end of the episode, the protagonist breaks down, is shunted for showing emotions and jailed. Her life is ruined, but (over dramatic but!) can feel!

*roll the credits*




5 thoughts on “The knowledge is not stopping us

  1. Nice post! I also watched that episode. It’s crazy, and scary, how relevant it was to the way social media can control reputations etc. today.


  2. Awesome work! It’s really interesting to see just how far social media affects every aspect of our lives, including our self-esteem. Interesting yet terrifying to consider.


  3. Too funny. I wrote about the very same episode. Noteworthy is that China is already implementing such a system to ensure that the populace adheres to the Communist Party’s vision of “good citizens”. Access degenerate Western trash on the internet? No decent government job or apartment for you.


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