The Importance of Social Media Tools


Writing these blogs has opened my eyes to the importance of social media in a professional setting and how to use it to your advantage. Not only can social media be used in order to grow a personal/individual brand, but it can be used in order to aid a corporate brand or promote image growth. But how do you know your social media campaign is effective? Well, there are many ways to monitor the effect your social media strategy is having on the social media community.

One of these ways is to use a statistics tool that measures how effective your social media posts are. Twitter has its own analytics page, where you can assess how many people your tweets have reached and how many of those people interacted with the tweet. This is a great way to look at the effectiveness of tweets for no cost. There are more in-depth tools you can use if you have money to spend.  A tool like Brand24 allows more in depth analytical feedback, as well as a constant stream of activity, allowing the user to interact with their audience quicker. There are also tools like Buffer, which allow you to set up a schedule for your posts, enabling you to send out your posts at a time that will garner the most attention.


Though not as exciting as the aforementioned tools, market research and competitive analysis can also bring useful feedback. The key to these methods is to have a plan in place. In order for you to compare your performance to your competition, you have to understand who your audience is. Whatever online corporate image is decided upon, you should have an understanding of your following and how to interpret your social media effectiveness in relation to competitors.

With the importance of social media growing daily, large and small companies alike have been taking to social media in order to grow their image. It is vital to understand how effective your social media strategy has been in order to gain a return on your investment. When put to good use, these tools are effective ways to understand how well your strategy is doing, and how to improve this strategy in the future.


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Social Media Tools

  1. Nice post! It’s important to know what the public does, and doesn’t, like when it comes to social media. Using the analytical tools are the first step to improving our social media game, that’s for sure!

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