Facebook is Forever


When sharing information on social media, it’s vital to be fully conscious of the implications and potential risks it can involve. BE AWARE OF PRIVACY SETTINGS. It is important to be careful about what is being posted about you or by you. There are also consequences that can come from posting inappropriate comments, photos, videos, etc. including being fired, expelled, or imprisoned in some cases. What you decide to share on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks is always there (yes even if you delete them).

Too much?

Image result for social media and privacy gifWhile we’re on the topic of social media and PRIVACY let’s talk about oversharing. A study done by Retrovo, asked people if they had ever shared anything online that they regretted after; 74 percent answered yes (54% under 25, 32% over 25). This goes to show that people need to learn what to share with the world and what to keep to themselves. You can delete a post but you can’t erase it. Social Media is slowly turning us into an attention seeking, attention needing, “please look at me” society. It seems like everyone wants to get noticed and everyone wants to go viral, so the lines between personal and public are slowly being erased. From selfies all day, snaps from the bathroom, overly sexy pictures (that leave very little to the imagination) privacy is no longer a concern. 





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