Are You Reaching Your Target Audience?


Social media is a great tool for businesses and companies to generate traffic and cultivate an online community. Social media is (generally) free and allows for easy access to the information that an audience may need. It is important to have a social media strategy in place so that all the content released online has a purpose and serves the goals of the business or company. But how can we know if our social media presence is reaching its potential and hitting the target audience?


There are several ways to gauge whether or not a social media strategy is working and a lot of it has to do with conversion. Enterpreneur says that “conversion is defined as the number of visitors, usually illustrated as a percentage, who take or complete a desired action,” which means that you are able to track the amount of traffic that your social media posts are drawing in and you can see what they are clinking on. With this information, you can adjust what kinds of posts you make based on what tends to generate traffic.

For example, on WordPress, you are able to see how many people click on every page of the landing and see what blog posts are being liked. If a certain kind of post is drawing in a lot of viewers, then you can assume the audience wants more of kind of post. You can spend more of your time delivering what the audience wants, and spend less time and money on posts that haven’t been as successful in the past.


Most social media platforms have traffic tracking functions, and can range from free (likes on a tweet) to paying a monthly charge to have that information available to you. What each business would like to accomplish in terms of their social media goal will differ, so you have to consider these goals before deciding whether to invest in social media tracking.




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