Beautiful Websites Matter

Have you ever gone onto a website and been immediately turned off by its design? I know I have. There have been times where I’ve opened up a web page and within two seconds have exited out because my eyes were burning with how unpleasant it looked. For websites to be successful, they’ve got to have a pleasing design. Because the better your website looks, the longer people will want to stay on it.

There are some specific design criteria that I think are the most important when wanting to build a successful website. Firstly, the website must have a minimalist layout. If I open one more web page with 73 photos popping up into my face at once, I just might lose it. Whitespace needs to be present because not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but because it is also proven to help the viewer focus, as it minimalizes distractions on the page.


Next, the website must have a set theme and color scheme. No one wants to open a web page and be utterly confused with what they are looking at. Each website has a niche or purpose, and a viewer should be able to pick out that websites purpose within five seconds of looking at the home page.  The color scheme has to be consistent and well thought out as well. If your website is selling happy face pillows, your color scheme probably shouldn’t be black, gray, and dark brown.


Another thing that is essential to a successful website in terms of design is a readable font. Unfortunately, wingdings won’t cut it here.  Simple fonts allow our eyes the ability to focus. If we are spending time trying to decipher what a certain letter is in a font, it takes away from the intended meaning of that sentence or paragraph.


And lastly, and most importantly, all of the website design suggestions above should 100% transfer over to the mobile version of the site. A mobile friendly website is one that is superiorly designed. Since a good majority of individuals access web pages from their mobile devices, it is extremely important to make sure that your mobile web page looks just as good as your desktop web page.


Here, I have attached an example of what is, in my opinion, a great website and a less-than-great website.

Example of great website:

Example of a less-than-great (or atrocious) website:

  • Paige Simpson







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