The Battle of the Mediums

By 2017, the internet has birthed countless social media platforms, ranging from twitter to LinkedIn. An individual can choose from one or many to brand themselves and their image. Many platforms like myspace and Nexopia have been replaced by “next-gen” social media that has revolutionised the way the world communicates. Due to the increasing popularity of online communication, many celebrities and corporations have started campaigns on social media sites to promote themselves, products or even both a business, it is very important to have an online presence in this platinum age of communication. Although I could choose from a handful of social media, I’ve narrowed it down to my three favourites. So, the question is: What is the better medium to promote a business?

Let’s meet contestant one: Facebook


Facebook has been around since 2004 and quickly gained attraction from users around the globe. It has an emphasis on visuals; allowing easy photo/video uploading, and people can share to the world what’s on their mind. Sharing content is a breeze and searching for new stories is just as easy. They also suggest pages and business that would peak your interest based on your search history. 65% of users (to my surprise) are over the age of 35. For a business, Facebook makes it easy to start a page and very affordable to boost posts so it can reach a larger audience. You can also schedule posts so you don’t have to constantly revisit your page to post- it all can be done before hand. The easiness of connecting with the audience is beneficial and can make the business feel more personal. Sounds like the perfect platform right? well, considering that today’s up and coming consumers are still under the age of 35 gives Facebook-based businesses a harder time to reach the younger demographic. It also takes more time and effort into making business campaigns that have the potential to be wasted on most people, like myself, who only go to look at memes and to see how the gang is doing.

Next up: Twitter


Twitter revolutionised the way we speak online. Instead of allowing its users to write lengthy paragraphs, it is limited to a 140 character limit. The tweet has to be crafted to be interesting, informative and engaging, all while being concise. #Hashtags are a useful tool for other users to find content related to their interest. it is faced paced and works well in a live event. the cons are that since it is so fast, people can miss a whole event or be placed right in the middle of it. It is less personal and anonymous. What can be seen both beneficial and as a limit is that it’s based on a textual format, not visual.

Lastly, Instagram:


This visual storytelling app allows its users to share whatever they want through an unlimited storage of photos. It has the option to directly share posts to facebook and twitter while posting. They also use hashtags to discover posts and chose a personalised “explore” page where the user can discover a variety of interests. they also include a contact button on the host’s page, which has recently ben added in the past couple months. The demographic that is on Instagram is younger, so for a brand that is trying to reach out to the younger generations would prosper by using Instagram. posting is a breeze and filters add aesthetical appeal. Well, although it is one of my favourite platforms, it has its flaws: It has cultivated its own jargon where some users do not understand or follow. It is designed to run on the mobile app and it is not suited for larger formats, and if you’re not good at taking photos and editing them, you’re not going to succeed.

In conclusion, I would have to say that in order to run or brand your business online successfully, using two or more platforms would be best. Every platform has its drawbacks but somehow one fills the drawback for another. For example, twitter is good at getting information out but bad with visuals; Instagram is great at visuals but information gathering can be difficult. So by combining them together, they can benefit the businesses that are using them.




One thought on “The Battle of the Mediums

  1. I definitely agree that it would be beneficial for most businesses to operate more than one social media account at a time. I think it’s interesting that you pointed out Instagram’s reliance on its mobile app… it is my favourite platform I think, but definitely the least approachable for those without cellular access.


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