Edmonton’s small issue of the growing homelessness problem

The city of Edmonton is currently struggling with its economy, which in turn is putting more and more people on the streets. Unable to support themselves, some people in Edmonton are sadly becoming the victims of homelessness.

In July 29, 2016, Scott McKeen told CBC “We have a significant problem of homelessness in the river valley which is taxing civil resources and revealing the underlying issue of a housing crisis in this city.”

Shockingly, very little has been done to solve this issue. In fact just recently, CTV Edmonton reported that the Churchill LRT station was open to the homeless, due to the cold weather. Unfortunately, this is all that the Government of Edmonton can offer at the moment is an open LRT station.


Although the city does have an “End Edmonton Homelessness” plan. This program is a 10 year plan…but a plan that commenced in 2009. It’s 2017 now. Statistics  show that as of 2015, Edmonton has only nine shelters for the homeless. Nine shelters (with only 760 beds) for 2,300 people (according to a 2014 count). The government must know how little is done for these people.


That is not to say that these people are perfect citizens. They deal with addictions, mental health issues and most have criminal records, but they are people all the same. They should not have to rely on LRT stations to be kept open on winter nights, to be warm. They deserve to have a safe place; a bed for the night.

City of Edmonton has three years left, on their “End Edmonton Homelessness” program. It will be interesting to see what they do next.

source: http://www.endedmontonhomelessness.com/index.php/overview

Edmonton counts homeless population 2 years after price of oil crashes








One thought on “Edmonton’s small issue of the growing homelessness problem

  1. Thanks for raising awareness on the statistics of homelessness in Edmonton. I just wanted to raise positive progress that has been made recently as this is something this is close to my heart because my partner works with Homeward Trust and houses those people every single day.

    “The latest tally counted 1,752 homeless people, a 24-per-cent decrease from 2014, the last time the count was conducted.” (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/homeless-edmonton-count-shelter-homeward-trust)

    Hopefully, we are able to see a greater progress in those numbers, but it’s definitely up to us, the citizens, to spread awareness to help achieve the objectives the city set out for ending homelessness.

    Cheers Ishita!


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