Why Live Video is a Great Addition to Social Media

What we see on social media is only a small snippet of someone’s life. We are only seeing parts of their life that they what they want us to see – the good parts. But I find that after scrolling through social media and seeing the amazing, productive, and happy lives of people you know, it can be hard to feel good about your less amazing, less productive, and much less happy life.


Traditionally, social media posts are precisely curated. Individuals perpetuate a specific persona online, usually one that showcases an untroubled and buoyant life. However, with the addition of live video, this traditional outlook of social media has shifted. We now have access to a raw individual. They can no longer hide behind an “always happy” online facade. We see them in their most vulnerable state, one that they can’t personally control.

In my opinion, the implementation of live video into social media has been amazing. It allows regular individuals the chance to see people that they may look up to in a normal light. I personally love watching the live videos of certain celebrities on Facebook and Instagram because it gives me a glimpse into their lives, absent of any filter or facade.


Another plus of live video on social media is the interaction between the person streaming live and their viewers. The comment section allows viewers to ask questions to the person streaming in real time, similar to a live question and answer period you may be a part of at a conference. Because the person streaming doesn’t have time to curate their responses, it allows viewers to get to know them a little more personally.


To me, live video is the first step in improving the genuineness of social media. It allows us an unprocessed look into the lives of others, which is refreshing in a world filled with online personas.

  • Paige Simpson


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3 thoughts on “Why Live Video is a Great Addition to Social Media

  1. Great post. I totally agree that live video is creating a more trustworthy and genuine interaction amongst social media users! I personally like to watch certain social media users snapchat stories, where they talk raw and unfiltered. You get an insight for their true personality, rather than just their brand.

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  2. I’ve never really considered this aspect of live video which allows for a more unfiltered and genuine look into someone’s life. I can definitely relate to the comment you made about comparing someone’s Instagram life to my own life, but video features do counter that in a way! Great post, Paige!


  3. Love this post! Well done Paige. I never thought about the implementation of live video in that light before. Honestly I only looked at it as something that active folks would use, but you’re right there are a ton of genuine opportunities out there…to be genuine :).


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