Social Media and the Advantages it Gives Non-Profit Organizations



Non-profit organizations have become a large source of spreading information for social causes around the world. Non-profits such as World Wildlife Fund and Green Peace have been using telecommunications in order to spread their message to the public. But in recent years, the importance of social media has begun to grow. As more people begin to use social media more frequently, it is impertinent for companies to recognize this new medium as a useful tool in spreading the company image or message. Non-profits are no different. If a Non-profit organization can learn to utilize social media to their advantage, they have the upper hand in comparison to non-organizations that still rely on word of mouth.

There are many advantages to Non-profits using social media. The most obvious is the amount of exposure a Non-profit can see after promoting themselves through social media. After gaining a following, it is vital that the organization create relationships with those followers, in order to maintain their relationship. Many non-profits have begun to use video based services like YouTube in order to upload narrative videos that support their cause. Water Is Life is a Non-profit that has used this tactic, and then promoted it on Facebook and Twitter in order to spread these videos. The videos went viral, and the Water Is Life online campaign has become a huge success. These methods can also encourage people to volunteer for a cause.

Social media can have a huge impact on how well a Non-profit organization does in terms of gaining support for a cause quickly and in large numbers. It all comes down to how they use social media that will determine how successful their organization and cause becomes.



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