Promote Those Posts

Organizations are needing to find new ways to advertise. Yelling in a mall foodcourt reaches just as many people as posting an ad in the paper, people avoid listening to ads on the radio like the plague, and there are few and far between who chose to watch television in real time. This change in advertising atmosphere has led to new developments in the ways organizations reach populations, and one of the most popular, and arguably best, choices is social media advertising.

I have a Facebook “business” page for the freelance editing I do, and I am constantly getting notifications from Facebook on how I can promote posts and ads. It costs about $8 CAD a day to promote an ad in a small area (like the Edmonton area). I don’t know how much promoted ads cost on Instagram and Twitter, but one could assume a similar cost among the main social media sites.


The cost of promoting an ad on social media is so much cheaper than “traditional media”, and has the potential to reach far more people. On every form of social media I have I see promoted posts daily, and although I’m not any more likely to shop at the Home Depot than after scrolling past the posted ad, I still read the name and see the ad — something I never do when reading the news or watching a television show, I have adblock for that.


Social media may be the only way organizations have left of guaranteeing their ads are viewed regularly, especially if they don’t have trillion dollar budgets. That’s why companies need to hire communication specialists to develop the best social media ads, and to run social media campaigns. Social media is advertising not of the future, but of the modern, digital age.

Lydia Fleming


One thought on “Promote Those Posts

  1. I don’t know if I agree with you 100% on the reception of advertisements across different media outlets. It would be interesting to learn about how many people are more likely to read ads in the news (like me) or in hard copy rather than online (where I find that I’m more likely to scroll past).


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