Trump’s fake real news

What is fake news? Urban dictionary defines it as “any news reported by mainstream media, which is deemed unflattering, incriminating or otherwise hitting too close to home, for Donald Trump and/or his cabinet of lap dog Republicans, regardless of it’s actual factualness or validity”. This definition is a direct reference to Donald Trump, who has been at constant war against the media, since gaining office. He particularly enjoys pointing at reporters (from CNN, BBC or New York Times) and yelling “You’re fake news!!!!!”, or tweeting it from the safety of his home.

Fake news is in fact a distortion of facts and truth. Those initiating it, or pushing it along, are mostly just looking for a fast way to make easy money. Social media intensifies fake news, influencing the naive (cough cough). These click bait articles are easily recognized, by most of us, but unfortunately POTUS believes that any news reported (by popular broadcasting channels or newspapers), is in fact fake news. Ironically, the news channels he does deem fake, pride themselves on their accurate reports.



Trump’s fake news claim is mostly targeted at questions he and his administrative staff are unable to answer. BBC’s Evan Davies attempted (notice the word choice) to interview Trump’s deputy assistant about “fake news”.  When asked about any action Trump will be taking against ‘fake news’, deputy assistant, Gorka immediately accused the BBC reporter of “implying there is some dread intent [or threat]… .”

At the same time however, Trump’s controversial presidency, along with his childish behaviour makes him unpredictable… especially if he refuses to answer questions. This is in turn promotes fake news, focusing on Trump specifically. The issue here isn’t what fake news is, but what Trump thinks is fake news. His dislike of any news which displays him in a bad light, is immature. After all, the channels he’s accused are made up of highly qualified reporters. Trump cannot accuse someone for doing their job right.

There is a possibility that during Trump’s reign, fake news may never die out. But then again, it depends on what people think fake news actually is. Perhaps, someone should ask the President what real news is?




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