Connection, Humor, and #twitterbattles: The Positive Effects of Social Media


I opened up the news a little while ago to do my due societal diligence in knowing what kind of things are going on in the world, and the first thing that caught my eye was an article talking about the “Twitter war” between JK Rowling and Piers Morgan. Now, I will admit that it was a Twitter battle I had followed relatively closely, because JK has basically been my queen since the first time I was introduced to Harry Potter (and as a successful female author, she is all I want to be in life), and it was entertaining for me to see what kind of witty burns she could pull off as she not-so-subtly knocked Piers Morgan’s block off.

Morgan responded:

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As I scrolled through some more of her tweets, and battles with other celebrities and even some of her own fans (they didn’t like her anti-Trump stance), I began to think about the effect that Twitter has had in bringing people together as well as tearing them apart. I mean, everyone takes the stance that social media is bad. Social media is time consuming, it causes you to ignore the people around you, it’s causing a societal divide, and on and on and on. But what if there’s a positive side to social media that we aren’t really seeing because we’re so busy complaining about how darn terrible it is?

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Exhibit A: Social media lets us connect with people. I have friends that live all over the world that I can keep in touch with through social media that I probably would have lost contact with if I didn’t have social media. That’s not all, however. Social media also lets us connect with people we’d never have the chance to connect with if it didn’t exist. Celebrities can talk to their fans (which can be life-changing for both parties). Companies can put new ideas out to their customer base. Everyone in the world, no matter how famous, is just a click away.

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Exhibit B: Social media is a good escape from the world around us. I mean, I’ll be the first to admit, if I need an out from the crap that goes on in our world, I’ll either delve into a book, or #supernatural on Instagram. You see things you never would have thought of, you learn cool things about your favorite celebrities, shows, books, and more, plus for a moment in time, you can be suspended in something you actually enjoy (and can hide away from the crappy world).

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Exhibit C: Social media is funny. Twitter especially, because even though it is a little too political for my liking, you get to see celebrities, friends, and strangers be witty and clever within their 140 character limit. You can have a good laugh as you see the byplay between people, and you yourself can put your opinions in as well! Again, a good escape from the world some days.

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All in all, social media does have its flaws, but we have to remember that it does have its benefits as well. If I’ve had a really bad day, sometimes a scroll through Facebook or Twitter will show me something that will make me laugh, or feel re-energized and ready to give the day another try. After all, f you feel like there’s nothing to make you laugh in your own world, you can always count on JK Rowling to brighten your day as she takes down the latest disbeliever with a well-worded tweet that disarms her opponents faster than expelliarmus.

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4 thoughts on “Connection, Humor, and #twitterbattles: The Positive Effects of Social Media

  1. People supported her, because they believed she inspired feminism and equality rights, and was a strong role model. But because of this twitter battle, and her vocal stand against Trump, most american citizens are no longer supporting her. I never realised what a strong hold Trump had over America.

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  2. It’s terrifying, honestly. Watching some of Rowling’s fan base turn against her because of politics (that aren’t even happening in her country!) just makes me wonder how far apart Trump can tear not just America, but the entire world.


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