Print Media: Dead or Different?

It’s easy to automatically discredit traditional print media based on the uprising of social media and the sweep of the internet. Everything that can be found on print can also be found online, however; everything that can be found online is definitely not available on print.

The internet has just made everything so much more accessible (and free, for the most part). For example, say there’s an article about your favourite musician you want to read. Why would you buy the whole Rolling Stones magazine when you can google the single article for free and read it right then? Something about instant gratification makes print media feel “dead”.


On the other side of this argument, I believe that print media hasn’t died – it has just changed. Trends change all the time, but there is something about tradition that people love. Here are a few other examples:

Shopping in a store vs. Online shopping – Stores will always be a thing. Sure, online shopping is extremely convenient, but it will never eliminate the feeling of wandering through the mall and stumbling across a new store. Plus, you never have to pay the extra shipping!


Hard copy books vs. eBook Reader – For a book lover, there is nothing better than opening up a novel for the first time and smelling the fresh paper. Or, flipping through the pages of an old book and imagining all the people who have enjoyed the book before you. The eBook Reader is great for travelling, but it will never win.


Vinyl Records vs. Digital music download – A trend that has taken a turn! Free music is awesome, and so is being able to carry around your 10,000 favourite songs. But nothing beats hearing your favourite song on a record player. Plus, how can you not love the ever-dramatic record scratch?


Some things will never die, they but might change. Everything changes all the time; it has to otherwise we will never move forward. Who knows, maybe 60 years from now the newspaper will be like the record player, and be considered so “hipster” that you’ll be able to purchase a copy at Urban Outfitters for $100. Print media is an iconic feature of communication, therefore; it will never be truly dead.



On a side note: While writing this blog post I googled “someone reading newspaper” and this is literally what came up: 


Shaking my head at society for this one… 


Monaco Moore



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