Citizen Journalism is the New Journalism

As traditional media continues it’s downward trend, the rest of us are rising up in a world that feeds off of information. Traditional media may not ever come to a complete stop, however, the digital world is growing at a steady pace and it will continue to become the main source of information for our growing society. All of us participate in some form of journalism, after all, it’s essentially writing about what is happening. Sure we might just be writing things about our own lives most of the time, but that’s the beauty of the online world. We’re all each other’s audiences.

We as prosumers and citizen journalists report to our worlds, things that may either be relevant or not like, opinions, personal experiences, events, and the occasionally attempted joke. Either way, we are informing our audiences. Personally, I enjoy posting things about films I’ve seen: critics, reviews, opinions. Like today, I saw the film ‘Get Out‘ by Jordan Peele, which was pure genius, and afterward, I posted a status about it informing my friends and family. The reason social media is becoming more and more dominant in the digital world is because it allows the users to be in control. The online world is exciting, to quote Ryan Gosling from ‘La La Land‘, “It’s conflict and it’s compromise, and it’s very, very exciting!”

That’s the very problem with traditional media, it doesn’t have the kids attentions anymore. People don’t want to go out and buy a newspaper anymore, they want to hear whether a movie is good or not, from their friends or from some random person down in Texas who saw an advanced screening. We don’t want traditional media anymore, and why not? Because traditional media has been straying from their original mission, drifting off into deeper waters.

But that’s how things always go. The times they are-a-changing, oh yes they are Bob. We’re trend-followers and trendsetters, it’s in our blood. The most popular thing always wins. But that’s just evolution, as they say, out with the old and in with the new. I still believe that traditional media holds its integrity safe, but like I said, it’s treading in deep waters. I for one am excited to move into the professional side of the digital world. I’m thankful I’m enrolled in a program that is allowing me to make that transition from being an amateur.


One thought on “Citizen Journalism is the New Journalism

  1. This reminds me of an episode of the Newsroom:
    — “But what do you mean you’re trying something new?”
    — “We’re going to try doing the news, see what happens.”
    — “I don’t get it.”
    — “There are two important conversations– how do we do the best news possible and how do we get the most people to watch? I don’t want one of those conversations to have anything to do with the other– You don’t want ratings to drive content.”

    It seems far too often the sensational is taking over quality news, but we only have ourselves to blame for that.


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