A Shift to the Digital Dark Side

More and more, we are witnessing communications and marketing agencies shift from using traditional advertising methods to finally embracing the digital sphere. The importance has grown for communications professionals to acquire and advance digital and social media skills. But, contrary to public opinion, it is not necessarily communications agencies who are pushing their clients to embrace digital means. Instead, it is the clients themselves who, with technology growing every day, see the advantages of promoting their brand digitally. The clients are demanding the shift to social media advertising, and communications professionals around the world are listening.


There are plenty of advantages in an organization choosing social media advertising as opposed to traditional advertising means such as print or broadcast media. Firstly, social media advertising is much more affordable than traditional methods. Pay per click technology allows an organization to physically see the reach of their advertisement and truly get their money’s worth in advertising dollar. It is much cheaper to have your ad displayed on social media than it is having your ad displayed in a newspaper or on television. Social media advertising also tends to allow the person posting the advertisements to pick the gender, age, location, and interests of the individuals receiving the ad.  Therefore, a Boosted post on facebook or promotion on Twitter is more likely to reach the target audience it was meant for. When an advertisement is displayed in broadcast or print media it is less likely to reach its target audience because you cannot necessarily control who views your ad. Yes, people who read the print newspaper may view your ad, but you can’t see exact numbers of how many did since a reader simply looking at your advertisement with their eyes is not recordable.


Social media advertising campaigns allow for more flexible advertisements. On social media, you don’t have to choose between a text, photo, or video advertisement like you would when using traditional media. Print mediums obviously cannot produce your video advertisement (Unless you are reading a Newspaper from The Wizarding World), and broadcast media will likely not promote your advertisement if it is simply text. But social media advertising allows you the ability to post whatever ad you want to. It also allows the ability to post whenever you want to. With social media advertising, you don’t have to wait for the newspaper to print or a television commercial to air.


The shift to social media advertising is needed and in my eyes is essential to the growth of the communications profession. The more agencies and communication professionals that jump on board with the embrace the digital side, the better.

  • Paige Simpson


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5 thoughts on “A Shift to the Digital Dark Side

  1. Great read! I agree it’s important to grow with the times, and if people feel that adapting to more social media advertising isn’t worth it, then they’re going to be left in the dust. Hopefully as communications professionals we’ll be able to get them to join us at the digital dark side, since we have “cookies”.


  2. Great article. I think it’s important for people to understand the importance of social media and how to take advantage of them. Without social media, it is difficult to advance in today’s society, mostly because we literally live online.


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