The Future of Donating.

The global village creates so many opportunities for individuals to advertise themselves, but it has also created funnels to acquire resources. GoFundMe is a website where people can share their stories of hardships with the world and receive donations from the public. Issues from health problems, funerals, and education needs receive some of the largest donations. However, individuals can create pages requesting funding from wedding needs to transgender surgical procedures. The website was created in May of 2010 by Brad Damphousse and Andrew Ballester as a platform for people to “create a fund”.

The effectiveness of GoFundMe has taken the world by storm. One of the most notable causes was the North Dakota pipeline protests. The project had a $5,000 goal to cover the costs of a few dozen people protesting. However, the project ended up receiving $1 million in a span of a little over a month directly from GoFundMe–according to Twin Cities Pioneer Press.The proceeds can be accredited to the coverage the protest received. However, the circulation and discussions that took place online, predominately through social media’s capability of sharing and discussion boards, accelerated the donations much more than expected.  “It still feels unreal sometimes because it is such an astronomical figure to me,” said Ho Waste Wakiya Wicasa, the protester who set up the GoFundMe account. The amount of protesters increased significantly from 50 people to 2,000 in less than a week, ranging from big time celebrities such as Mark Ruffalo and individuals from other parts of the global world as well.

The page is still receiving attention and today it has surpassed $3 million. The online world has created avenues for organizations and nonprofits and even individual’s to receive donations for their causes. In previous decades a cause like this might not have gained the momentum as quickly as the North Dakota Pipeline protest did.


Rahma Dalmar


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