Social Media A Fan Favourite Of Sport

Athletes and sports teams alike have become open to the promotional uses of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, in an act to engage their fan base, and encourage further fans to follow their sites activity.


The MacEwan Griffins have expressed heavy use and activity on sites such as Instagram, and Twitter to engage followers, and fans to upcoming games, weekly results and statistics, and interviews of varied athletes across the different athletic teams.

Online platforms not only allow the MacEwan demographic to be aware of the sporting events occurring during the season, but the public who also show interest in participating in particular team’s events.

Online promotion allows the target audience to be reached quickly, effectively, and also provides feedback to the marketing method of how the University promotes the sporting teams events. For example, which posts are more favourable, which team posts or individuals spike interest in their follower base, and how many people each post reaches and targets.


Recently, the MacEwan Griffins Instagram page promoted/ ran a contest to win tickets to the up coming Oilers game. In order to win the tickets followers had to like the post and also be at the women’s football game later that day. The draw encouraging the fan base to support their local University team, whilst rewarding their efforts with a chance to win Oilers tickets. This online activity reaches not only the people who are fans of the teams but also people who are interested in winning Oilers tickets, whom could later be converted into Griffins fans by attending the game.


On the Macewan Griffins Twitter page we see the promotion of not only the athletic side of things, but also the ongoing support that the athletes share for organizations such as celebrating mental health week etc. Different MacEwan athletic teams also have their own individual social media pages; for example, the women’s volleyball team has their own Instagram, to which they post photos that are game related, community based etc. This way fans can follow and be updated with their progress and movement throughout the sporting season.

As an athlete I find online mediums very beneficial for promotion of team events, fundraisers, competitions and normal day activities. From a fans perspective it gives you a glimpse into the season and how such athletes perform, as well as following their activity within the community also. It gives you an insight into who they are as a team/ individual and to what they support and represent.


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