Crowdsourcing: A Tool for Journalists in the Digital Age

Flat Idea lamp symbolize crowdsourcing process isolated on white

As times change, it is necessary to adapt in order to stay relevant. This idea is very true when it comes to media and journalism. It has become necessary for journalists to adapt to the ever changing climate of reporting. With the rise of social media, journalists have had to incorporate crowdsourcing ideas into their reporting in order to attain and distribute their stories.

Crowdsourcing is the process of sourcing a job usually done by one or a few people, to a large group in an open setting. This tool can be used by journalists in many ways. One way is to simply publish the information at hand and let the audience sift through the documents in order to uncover major news. Crowdsourcing can also be used through social media. For example, many journalists now keep a close eye on twitter for key words in order to pick out what could become a breaking news story. With the public using social media to report on what they saw that day, crowdsourcing becomes that much more important to keep up with the incoming information.

Crowdsourcing presents opportunities to journalists that allow them to set up the groundwork of a story while also gaining an incredible amount of help in researching the inner workings of these stories. In the end, crowdsourcing is just a tool created through the need for adaptation.



One thought on “Crowdsourcing: A Tool for Journalists in the Digital Age

  1. Crowdsourcing I agree is hugely beneficial for journalists because it can add further information and depth to a story they are creating. It also allows a more personal account for emotions and details experienced. It also provides journalists with a tool to review witnesses viewpoint of stories, and to review and write the best angle of the story provided from both online platforms, and interviewees.


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