A Comparison of Different Mediums of Online Communication


We all have a plethora of communication tools and mediums at our fingertips. Between all of the different types of social media like twitter and blogs, to more traditional direct mediums such as text message or email we have many different ways to communicate in an instant. But each of these mediums has a specific audience, and therefore the effectiveness of the message depends on the target audience and the medium or tool used to communicate that message.

A common tool that many people use is Twitter. Twitter is a form of social media that consists of distributing short written form pieces across the platform. A majority of people use Twitter in order to get the news that it is important to them. Twitter is a good platform for news, as the news can be distributed instantly and quickly amongst those following on the platform. The audience on Twitter consists of all age groups, though primarily people from the ages of 18-49. Since Twitter is a part of new media, many people from older generations do not use this. If you need to communicate with people older than 49, a different medium may be of better use.

Another medium of communication is LinkedIn. This tool allows the user to create a professional profile in order to create connections with those in the same profession and interact with potential employers. This online communication tool helps create connections that are all so important within the professional world, and allows you to do this with the click of a button. The platform also allows people to write blogs that may be informational to their peers within their industry. The main demographic for LinkedIn are people from the age of 30-64. LinkedIn’s audience tends to be older and much more business professional oriented than their social media counterparts.

Social media may be useful, but it is not the only form of online communication. Email may be one of the oldest forms of online communication. While social media platforms aim to reach as many people as possible, an email is directed at either an individual or a group of individuals that the information within the message pertains too. The main difference between the previously mentioned mediums and email is that email (in most cases) has a pre-determined audience that will look at the message.

Every form of online communication, whether it be Twitter, Email or posting on a message board, has a purpose for a specific audience. In order to understand which platform to use, you have to know who your audience is and how to best interact with them.




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