Promotions And Social Media Go Hand In Hand

This past summer I worked on Vancouver Island at the Island Radio station; this radio station managed four stations across the island, and targeted different age demographics. I worked specifically in promotions, and my job was to coordinate all the promotion opportunities, online, on-air and in the community for the multiple stations.


Social media was an asset for me in terms of promoting content efficiently, and to a wide demographic quickly. It helped engage listeners to the station, and to activities within the community they could participate in. For example, the station recently ran a draw online; the draw was for $150 in gift cards to Quality Foods, one of the stations main sponsors.


This draw was ran on Facebook, and this site helped the employers recognize how effective their marketing strategies were in reaching the number of people they wished to target. As the post circulated the web the promotions department could already begin processing how many people the post was reaching, how many people liked the photo, commented on it, and also shared it. This data was then used to understand that not only local listeners followed the station online, but people in Calgary, Vancouver, and other big cities across Canada, enjoyed the content posted.

Social media enhances employees understanding to what content people like and which they don’t online. For radio in particular it provides a whole new audience to which it can reach efficiently, cost effectively, and a way to which it can receive feedback, opposed to audience engagement only being generated through on air promotions.


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