Instagram that jump shot!

Athletes (like all of us) use social media to update us on their daily lives. Sometimes, athletes use their social medias to advertise their sponsors. Other times, they use social media to connect with their fans.

For example, look at Cristiano Ronaldo casually promoting Nike here and here he is promoting Clear. The Nike promotion raked in almost 1.9 million, while the Clear promotion remained about a million less. Football fans were aware of the promotion, but accepted it as part of his job, as an athlete. According to the Johan Cruff Institute “Sport arouses passions, is a source of health, sacrifice, commitment, positivism and, taken to the elite level, develops the fan phenomenon that has few competitors in other sectors of society”.

Fans are drawn to the realness, that athletes project through their social medias. Athletes depict their families and daily life online, which in turn makes them out to be more normal.. a little more human. On social media, you can interact with multiple people at the same time.

Naturally, there is a reason why athletes use social media. Their athletic career won’t last, and without a good fan base, chances are they won’t have any opportunities for other jobs.

Athletes use social media to secure their future, and we help them.




2 thoughts on “Instagram that jump shot!

  1. This is an interesting insight. As consumers of social media, and fans of athletes we do support the lives of stars and their endeavours in promoting brands, family life, or other promotional opportunities. Securing a wide fan base on social media is crucial for athletes in terms of endorsement deals, and brand awareness for the athlete themselves. It is important that as individuals we recognize that we encourage sporting stars lives and further business opportunities by showing our support, on social media, and other online sites etc.


    1. I think thats the main reason why people follow athletes. It’s mainly to show their support and encourage athletes in all their endeavors


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