Online mediums provide non-profit organizations with many opportunities that traditional media does not provide. The two main opportunities that we are all extremely familiar with are time friendly and cost friendly opportunities. While traditional mediums such as newspapers and television news cost the organization tons of money just to get a little tidbit about their cause out to the public, online mediums such as Facebook and Twitter are completely free. Also, traditional mediums such as radio stations and magazines only have so much time or space to include news and events about non-profit organizations so it takes time for the organization to get their information out take time for the organization to get their information out to the public. Online mediums are so much better time-wise because the organization can simply type out their interesting tidbit and it will be posted within seconds for everyone to see. No hassle of any kind!

Now it’s one thing for organizations to show WHO they are to the public on new/traditional media, but it is another thing to increase the public’s AWARENESS about WHAT the organization does and HOW the public can help them accomplish their goals. Information, Community, and Action are the three most important strategies to a non-profit organization’s success online.


To begin increasing awareness to their cause, non-profit organizations send out tweets, posts and blogs about their activities, fundraisers and simple tidbits of information that would have the SLIGHTEST interest to online users. Once the user is interested enough to continue reading, clicking onto links or whatnot, the organization moves into the community category. This is where the organization is to PROMOTE their interactivity that would show the follower that they are a community-building organization and that they are not a scam. In this category, they tweet about thanks and recognitions to those involved, respond to the public’s questions and messages and acknowledge any current events that are related to their cause. This will make the follower feel good about the organization because the follower will feel like he or she has more than enough information about the organization’s goals. Once the follower believes that this organization is a strong and harmless one, he or she will get into the final category: action. The organization will attract the follower so strongly into its cause that the follower will want to be fully apart of the organization which promotes him or her to donate to the organization, attend events, volunteer for fundraisers, and all in all JOIN THE CAUSE.

Simple enough?


Rachel Jacobs



  1. New media is brilliant and all, but there’s a charm with traditional media. I guess we’re just in a new age, where technology is the most progressive thing about us. You’re right though, new media is better for non-profit organisations


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