Let’s Get Digital

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A little over a decade ago, the newspaper was an integral part of many people’s morning routine. It is a tactile experience, you can feel it, smell it, save it, spill your coffee on it. Nowadays, there’s a persistent doom that plagues the newspaper industry. The sky is forever falling. In 2013 the Globe and Mail reported that NADbank an organization that measures newspaper readership in Canada found that “readership of digital content continues to offset declines to printed editions.” Translation: our reality is digital.

Once you buy a magazine of newspaper it’s yours forever, but once you read them they’re forgotten.  Give me a paper and I’ll read it once, give me an app I’ll be on it daily. It’s immediately accessible and convenient. If you’re late for class but still want to look at the news, you don’t have to go get a paper because it right there. I prefer online news because it is more interactive. It enables us to openly debate and share our opinions with others and hear their thoughts and opinions as well.  I like the ease of digital news (although I’m not crazy about all the ads and pop ups); it’s easier to navigate. Sitting with a newspaper is nice and all, but having to fold that paper and maneuver it makes it a hassle. You don’t have to hunt for things online. When scrolling through an online version or a paper it’s easier to manage and to sort through the stories.

Another major thing with online news is that you can get it in real time. Think back to any major world event that happened in the past year, chances are you first heard of or saw it on Twitter or Facebook. For example, when that train crashed in New Jersey, thousands of tweets spread across Twitter from passengers and people at the scene. It was trending within an hour. There are real time citizen journalist documenting and sharing everything. We don’t have to wait for the 6-o clock news or tomorrow’s paper anymore.

Online media gives people the opportunity to access information anywhere and anytime. While we might still love our glossy paper, our reality is digital there’s no escaping that.









One thought on “Let’s Get Digital

  1. Thank you Christina for your awesome view the digital world of news! I completely agree that since digital is so much easier to navigate on, there are not many people who like to search in books nowadays. The digital world is definitely like a huge library that you do not need to search in one book at a time! I have to admit that for pleasure reading, I personally would rather paper copies because as you said, I can feel it, smell it, and save it in my library collection. It is definitely true that the digital world is better for social news because nobody wants to spend hours going through all the different magazines and newspapers to get all their information when there is a simple search engine on ONE app that covers EVERYTHING! I LOVED your post!


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