Serena Williams: Winning-Over Twitter One Tweet at a Time

Seven Million followers and counting, Serena Williams has taken the Twitter world by storm. Her engaging posts and positive attitude make it hard to not want to follow her! Right off the bat, when looking at her Twitter bio, you can see the love she has for her fans as she types, “Living, Loving, and working to help you.” Serena stays up to date with her Twitter account, posting at least once a day, sometimes several times a day, spreading happiness.


An advocate for women and minorities around the world, Serena fills her Twitter feed with positivity toward a brighter future. She inspires millions by posting videos, like the one below, and truly interacting with her audiences.

When comparing Serena’s Twitter with several other athletes’, the huge difference is the love she has towards her followers and fans. By interacting with them off and online, she sends a kind of warm comfort that not many athletes have.

Serena is great at keeping a good balance between sponsorship and originality, which to me is a huge asset in terms of follower engagement. If all she posted were boring ads for Nike, her online presence would be that of a sellout. Instead, she uses sponsorships to her advantage and works with her sponsors to create content that her followers will enjoy. Fan engagement is crucial for all sports personalities online.

In order to achieve follower engagement, they must give something to their followers in return. In Serena’s case, she gives her followers hope. She is a voice for every minority who has ever had a dream. All I have to say is, stick around Serena; because many of us are kept inspired, thanks to you!


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