The Death of Privacy. R.I.P

I am going to be completely blunt here. There is no such thing as privacy in this world. We are all being watched.


Okay so maybe I am being a little too blunt, when I say we are being watched, I do not mean in our homes or at school when we are turned the other way…I mean on new social media! You can breathe now.

Ever since new social media has entered our world, the privacy of everybody’s lives has been compromised because while people feel safe about putting their information and thoughts online, their information is not safe. Articles and more articles continuously reassure us that our profile information is completely safe because there are so many tools and security protocols on every social media app and website that protects our privacy. With all these articles, about 37% of internet users actually believe that they can be completely hidden from others online. With so much research done though, we can all assume that this 37% of the population has got it wrong. If users are so worried about their information being seen by ANYONE though, then why do they even use social media? That’s an easy answer–because it is the easiest way to communicate all of their thoughts and feelings.

I have definitely noticed that our society has shifted since the creation of new media. People are on their phones ALL the time and for what? Posting, tweeting, snap chatting, blogging…there are so many ways to get your thoughts out fast, there is honestly no need for face-to-face interactions anymore! Nowadays people do not even want to interact face-to-face because let’s “face” it, online is easier. New media acts as a shield that protects our opinions and feelings from other’s criticisms. The chances of someone criticizing you online is extremely slim because that person does not want to seem like a jerk in a public “environment”. I guess in a way this new media is positive in our lives because people are not afraid to open up because they feel protected. On the other hand, the safer one feels, the more they will open up and the more feelings and petty opinions they will post online. Nowadays, we should be less concerned about “think before you speak” and more concerned about “think before you tweet”.


Rachel Jacobs



One thought on “The Death of Privacy. R.I.P

  1. Yes!! That is so true, nothing is sacred anymore, and if it is, it won’t be for long. Loved all your points on this topic. I agree wholeheartedly. (Side note, “Think before you tweet” is pure genius!)


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