Ohmygod! That’s private!

With the world revolving around the internet and social media, our lives are no longer private. A lot of people are  more comfortable expressing themselves online, than they are in person. Most social media accounts are public, because with enough Instagram followers, you can be a model. With enough re tweets, you can connect with your favourite celebrity. Because privacy be damned, if your not popular online.

Facebook is well known for its privacy settings. However, recently, they have been following a less private, more public format. But that can also be because most people prefer to publicize their lives. It is easier to let everyone about your personal life, all at once, instead of just telling a few. Not only that, it ensures that they receive attention. For example: if you let everyone know about your valentines day date with your boyfriend, your online audience will show their support for your relationship. After all, they were the ones who set you both up anyways, right?

Everyone craves attention, and social media gives us that. By putting our lives online, we often get the attention, we wouldn’t receive otherwise, and it lasts a lot longer than it does in real life.


Source: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/05/23/instagram-modeling/





2 thoughts on “Ohmygod! That’s private!

  1. This is a good thought, risking our privacy in return for the attention we seek constantly within society. I can often think at times I feel lonely, and look for attention, I look online to fulfill these needs, and wants. Our desire to please those online sometimes over shadows our desire to please or interact with these same people fact to face.


    1. And the worst thing in, online communication is not the same as face to face communication. Someone text back “lol” and actually be crying… while we manage to avoid face-to-face communication, i dont think we successfully fulfill our needs with online interactions.


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