We Are What We Eat = We Are What We Post?

Without a doubt media invades our privacy today. Society in general often look to social media today to share any ounce of their personal life publicly to their friends. The boundaries of sharing what is private and what is not has been eliminated, or somewhat blurred. We are more likely to share the extravagant things, or positive things to occur in our lives than the negative; this fake reality enables society to think and make certain assumptions of who we are based on what we post.


Growing up in a technology encompassed world we are used to seeing celebrities lives exposed over social media and this somewhat encourages the public to share their lives and their daily occurrences with their friends online openly. The idea that people now publicize their relationship status, what they ate for breakfast, what they brought at their local store, their complaints about products or people, exceeds the privacy boundaries and establishes an online forum, which everyone has access to view and comment on posts published.


Researchers conducted a study, and interestingly enough they found out that those friends on Facebook who “had a lot of contact with the friend (in the study), the less satisfied they were with the relationship and the less they liked their friend.” So as a result the fact that one can share too much information online can potentially harm their relationship/ friendship.



In society today we learn and see more information about our friends through online interaction opposed to face to face confrontation and this is concerning. The personal experience is replaced by an online presence that not only friends can have access to, but the public also; this publicity of one’s life eliminates the privacy or confidentiality of one’s thoughts, and intimacy of the relationships one once shared face to face with friends and family.




2 thoughts on “We Are What We Eat = We Are What We Post?

  1. This is so insightful. When I used too share lots of personal information I had less friends vs. when I shared less personal information. It’s good to know that this happens to a lot of people based on research and it’s not just me. lol.

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