Social Media Introduced me to the King of Dark Elves

It was 4 a.m. on a chilly March morning.  I was emotionally drained after a long night of staring at the white-board. Questions swirled in my head, I was at a crossroads, one business venture had ended and I found myself looking out into a vast abyss of indecision.  I knew I wanted to write games, but I didn’t think I could make any money at it…but games.

I was exhausted and I started to mindlessly search Facebook. I was looking for any idea, that missing puzzle piece that would make everything fall into place.  It was 5 a.m. and I stood up from my computer chair, too tired to shut the machine down, and started to head 10ef590dca334218e165e6b88e8c6705towards bed when the tell-tale ding went off.  I turned, and noticed that R.A Salvatore (the author) had posted something new to Facebook.  Curious, I went back to the computer and took a look. Then in a near delirious state I asked the empty room “Maybe Bob will know what to do.”  I sent off a Facebook message to the king of Dark Elves asking for his advice and headed off to bed.

Like most celebrities in the digital age R.A Salvatore (Bob) takes great care in cultivating an online fan base.  According to the blog Branding Beat celebs need to provide something to their audience, answering questions, promoting for charity (advocate for a cause), and promoting their products.  Bob does all of these consistently.

The message I sent got a response from him in less than 24 hours, and turned into a conversation.  This conversation not only helped me determine the course of my life for the next five years, but also ensured that I was an even bigger R.A Salvatore fan.


Salvatore is also a Democrats supporter and has ramped up his Twitter and Facebook pages helping to raise awareness, like many other celebrities, about the actions of President Trump.  The third part of a successful online presence, according to Branding Beat, is promotion. Salvatore announces book signing dates, website promotions, book releases, and even the occasional reward for his online followers.

Online profiles that belong to professional athletes, musicians, actors, and even journalists can all garner significant followers allowing them to reach across space and influence their fans in a powerfully new and inspiring way.

By: Derrick Ferry



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