Is Anything Real Anymore?

In the vast sea of social media, it can become troublesome to differentiate what is real, and what is fake. By fake, I mean photoshopped or cosmetically enhanced.

I see fitness accounts portraying their bulging muscles, giving off the image that with “hard work and motivation” people can actually look like that. But not even the guy in the picture can look like that with all the motivation in the world… he looks like that with the help of steroids. Sure, maybe steroids aren’t the worst thing in the world. Just tell the truth.

Women spend hundreds of dollars on face masks, face washes, moisturizers, so they can have shiny flawless skin just like their favorite celebrity. That celebrity has very expensive facials, cosmetic surgery, and a lot of Photoshop. It’s just unattainable.

A makeup artist with a large following, Wayne Goss, took initiative to expose the cosmetic industry for a new and improved Photoshop. Editing and retouching doesn’t just exist in still photo’s anymore, there’s actually live photo shopping happening in moving videos. Below are two images; the first is one without the live Photoshop filter, and the second is one with.

screenshot 1.pngscreen-shot-2017-02-10-at-12-30-40-pm


Goss talks about how many people in cosmetics, and other areas, are using this filter (that costs around $160) and it’s a huge problem. Consumers watch the video and believe a company’s products will give them the flawless look that — actually — only this filter can provide. It’s not the product. It’s false advertising. 

It’s setting people up to spend their money, and then feel disappointment when they still don’t look like Kylie Jenner. It’s setting a standard that isn’t possible in real life — unless of course you never leave the house, and people only see you in pictures and videos — which is really all we see of celebrities and social media figures.

It’s not real, and it’s a dangerous cycle to fall victim to.

–  Michaela Bishop



4 thoughts on “Is Anything Real Anymore?

  1. This is really well written and a crucial point to understand with advertisements online today. Understanding that things we see online, often do not portray reality is important, because longing to look like photoshopped people is unattainable; this problem of constantly comparing ourselves to what we see online is dangerous and can create huge insecurities and confidence issues within many technology obsessed users. If the truth is exclaimed within the product advertised maybe less people would be inclined to buy the product, and more consumers would be saved from feeling disappointed and dissatisfied.

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  2. I love this blog post. I completely agree with what you explain about filters, cosmetics and photo shop. I also think that there is literally nothing real online today. In my opinion EVERYTHING has been photo shopped, filtered, or changed in one way or another because it is the only way to attract followers or consumers. I think that at this point, advertising and filters are very harmful for human beings because we are beginning to give up honesty to succeed. When will we start filtering and photo shopping are real lives to get ahead in life? Is there no end? Thank you Michaela for your awesome point of view.

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