For a Girl I’m not very Sensitive

Sensitivity, a thing many people have too much of, many people have not enough of, and many people have just enough of. But I have to say with all the stereotypes around girls being overly sensitive and having to many emotions, for a girl, I am not very sensitive.

Social media is a beautiful thing, a wondrous thing, a thing that will take us to the next level in human accomplishments. But, with this amazing thing we have created here, it’s made me cold and un-feeling. Social media is a great way to get news and to hear about the going ons in the world. But with the excess amount some subjects or people get posted about, people tend to get irritated, and they tend to ignore the posts, regardless if they are important or not.

9c3ec2bea4a0ef8c61eb3af1d0ddbf67660af6d155a7d6167e4179b6dff35443The irritating thing about online news articles is that you never know who’s credible, you never know who’s not. But I can say that now a days when I see an article about our President elect Mr. Donald Trump, I simply scroll away. I couldn’t care less anymore. Most articles about him are ones that bash him, and his platform, or are rumours about him , or his daughter. All of these articles mean nothing, are nothing, and I don’t want to read them. I. Don’t. Care. Which gets me to my point of I’m not very sensitive for a girl if we stick to the time old stereotype. I have become so sick of the media blowing up with all these Trump articles, that when something important, something worthy of being in the news about Trump finally comes up I scroll past and don’t bother to look. I have trained myself to not care at all anytime I spot Trumps name in a headline. I have been so de-sensitized by the social media’s of the world that I have made myself ignorant to anything related to US politics and Trump. Which, as a communications student, is not ideal by any means. I can’t lie, when it came to the article about Trump banning abortion, I never read it.. or gave it a second look until my friends kept talking about it. I saw Trumps name and I avoided the article, and this time it was about something BIG and something important. But at the time, I didn’t care. That is the desensitization at it’s finest.

Other examples of social media desensitizing us is whenever we see a racist joke jokes about depression, or self harm, or ending ones life online and we don’t react as one would or as one should. I myself am even guilty of pulling an “Oh god, I just want to die” post or text based on being stressed out, bored, or embarrassed by my friends. But when people post things like that for real we assume that the person meant the message the same way I meant mine. We don’t take it seriously, and we aren’t sympathetic usually posting an “Lol, same” or ” Preachhhh” when were not sure is the post is a real cry for help or an insensitive post to represent boredom.

So as you can see I need to check my emotions… to see if they’re still there.

-Rebecca Kerrison


One thought on “For a Girl I’m not very Sensitive

  1. I agree with you about the Trump thing… It gets to the point where I am literally bored of hearing about it sometimes, and same, will only bother to read something if it’s really blown up. Also, TOTALLY love that you pointed out the whole “I want to die thing”, as someone who has struggled with mental health it’s hard to grasp the idea that someone would make a joke about it, but as you mentioned, are they joking?? After all, putting “lol” at the end of anything makes it seem like a complete joke right?

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