Which Social Media App Trumps All?

Facebook, Twitter, and Email are three different forms of online communication that are used in most businesses or large organizations. All apps share both similarities and differences, and target different mediums, and audiences for varying opportunities and promotional awareness.


For example, Twitter helps connect its audience in an interesting new way, that enables companies to promote its content to it’s demographic with little cost.

Twitter is viral and can promote news to any audience that has any form of technology in their household, office, etc. It is a valuable tool in promoting competitions and events, with very straight forward wording and detailing because of the 140 character count.


Facebook has developed over time in its design, and the way it provides companies the opportunity to effectively advertise on its site. Facebook is a great opportunity for businesses and organizations to self promote and market their products online.

Facebook can recognize how many people you can reach with a post, how people respond to the post, and the amount of times the post has been liked, commented on, and shared. If you create a page on Facebook for your business you can further look at how many people you attract a week to your site, and what kind of audience you are reaching with the information you are sharing, and the demographic you are targeting. This instantaneous and cost effective form of data is incredibly beneficial for businesses wanting to keep track of their cliental.


Email was also another effective communication tool that I used at the organization I worked for over the summer. This enabled me to email my coworkers with any personal information quickly and effectively, without the public having access to this information, or sometimes my fellow coworkers.

Email marketing targets users or cliental very specifically, because typically those that have agreed to be emailed products, and information about the organization or business have given consent to receiving product information; this form of marketing creates brand awareness and loyalty between the customers and business.


Email marketing is effective as it easily shared like Twitter and Facebook, and is cost effective like the other two online forms of communication, which is a huge benefit for many small business starting out, and even global organizations. In a world technology obsessed these online forms of communication are an asset for any organization to use and benefit from.



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