Maybe I’ll Keep An Eye Out For Social Media…

…Or How Router Bits Can Expand Your Horizons.


The other day, I received a message from Amazon, through whom I had purchased a set of router bits.  Amazon was asking for an online review of my purchase.  It made sense to me, as I have relied on customer reviews myself.  I was impressed with the product, the price, and the shipping time, so I took a minute or two and wrote a short paragraph about the facets of my purchase, my opinion about the product, and if I would personally recommend these router bits to someone thinking of buying them.  I double-checked my spelling, hit “submit”, and promptly forgot all about it.

Well, I forgot all about it for a total of two days.  I received yet another message from Amazon, this time asking me to reply to a question someone had specifically asked me based on my review.  Look at that.  At that point, it dawned on me that I seem to have suddenly become part of the “social mediascape” without even making a concerted effort.  It seemed rude to ignore someone who had asked a question in a polite manner, so I answered as well as I could, and sent the message off.  Voila.  Just like that, I found myself to be an unwitting part of the social media scene.  It was kind of cool to be able to offer some advice to someone I have never met who lives all the way across the country.

This experience, while quite mundane, did help me to think a little more deeply about that multi-headed hydra that is social media.  With the proliferation of online activity, more and more seemingly innocuous platforms are also social media stages.  Make no mistake – I still have no plans to thrust myself out there as some sort of active participant, but there is no shortage of content that can be observed from the sidelines.  Realistically, these days, while it seems virtually impossible to remain insulated from social media, that’s not really a BAD thing.  I think it’s a matter of being aware and selective about how deeply one becomes involved.  Perhaps it’s time to actively look at just how involved in social media I just might be.  Perhaps I will be surprised…perhaps not.


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