How Nonprofits Are Nailing the Social Media Game

I follow several nonprofits on social media, which includes Facebook and Twitter, and I can safely say that nonprofits organizations are coming up with way more exciting content than other businesses and organizations. I believe this is because nonprofits have the challenge of keeping an online community engaged without the exchange of a product or service. Think about it. You keep up with local businesses’ social media because of the latest clothing arrivals, or today’s lunch specials, or newest deals, but what keeps nonprofits’ “likes” consistent?

Nonprofits are creating eye-catching visuals and engaging short videos that keep that keep the community informed, as well as interested. YESS (Youth Empowerment and Support Services) Edmonton posts stunning visuals about upcoming events, yearly statistics, and personal stories that always remind me that I need to continue to be involved in such an amazing organization. A post about an event that is lacking volunteers reminds me that I need to find time in a very busy schedule to participate in a rewarding community more.

A Hubspot survey of a small-to-medium non-profits in the U.S

There are several platforms that work well for nonprofits, but Facebook and Twitter seem to be the most effective. Facebook and Twitter is where most online users get their news from, so staying on those newsfeeds has allows nonprofits and their goals to stay in the eye of the audience. Personally, when I see a headline about city homelessness and another about how Rogers Place is donating food to the Edmonton Food Bank (see here), then I see a post from YESS Edmonton about needing donations, and I tend to start making the time to donate. A newsfeed does a fantastic job of keeping issues in the news and goals of a nonprofit in the mind of the Facebooker or Tweeter.

Following nonprofits on social media is a great way to keep up with what’s going on in your community and is a great resource for volunteer opportunities! Comment below if you follow any nonprofit organizations on social media!





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