Holding On

The print industry is currently in a fist-fight with the internet. Newspaper companies, like The Edmonton Sun & The Edmonton Journal, are joining together due to budget cuts, and  tabloid magazines are becoming more outrageous in order to stimulate purchases; Online articles are trending and tablets can hold thousands of books. Companies are starting to advertise online due to its inexpensiveness and the capability to reach more people, and the print industry is struggling to catch up.

So, are the printing presses of the world becoming less valuable to us? Debatable.

An article on Doventon Press Printers reports that:

“Print advertising is in decline and has been for some time now. Indeed, it is predicted that by 2019 only 5% of total advertising spending will be on print. The advances in mobile handsets and social media have created new advertising opportunities in what is termed the ‘weightless` economy. However, as one door closes another one opens. An example of this is resurgence in demand for vinyl, sales have increased by 260% from 2009 as consumers build record collections with printed covers of artistic appeal and merit. This is an example of people’s desire to own beautiful things that are tangible and can be touched. Imagery alone cannot do this and this is one market the print industry needs to adapt and evolve in order to meet demand.”


As an avid user & lover of the internet, I still would NEVER replace the beauty and power of a book with an online source. The smell of the pages, the feel of the spine, the placing of a bookmark can’t be replaced by an electronic device. As the article above said: people love to touch and hold beautiful things, and books are mighty fine; However, my consumption of articles are predominately online due to the variety and easiness of publishing.


In conclusion, I have a love-hate relationship with online sources. I enjoy the personalized content and diversity but I’m a sucker for a good paper copy book.

Whats your opinion? Comment below!

Read the full article HERE


One thought on “Holding On

  1. The way you described the books made me smile!! I’m so glad someone feels the same about books like me! But I will say you can’t argue on the convince of having 15-20 books on your E-Reader when on vacation. 🙂 But well written!


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