An Organization’s Best Choice

One important reason why organizations choose to advertise on social media instead of traditional broadcast or print media because the target audience will be a YOUNG one; therefore, organizations can get long term clients.


If you think about it when an organization needs more customers, the best audience they need to attract are younger audiences which makes social media a perfect strategy to attract these new customers. How many people today still read newspapers for their news? Per Nielsen Holdings N.V.’s May 2014 “State of Media” document, about “86 percent of U.S. smartphone owners say they use their devices as second-screens while watching TV, and nearly half do it every single day”. You can imagine that not many people read newspapers anymore because of how far technology has advanced.

The big difference between social media and print media is simple: TIME. Nobody in the world today has enough time to go through advertisement after advertisement. With so many different companies doing  so many different ads online at a time, a specific company MUST wow its audience in the shortest amount of time to get noticed. This differs from print media because those who do read print media read it for a reason; they like taking their time understanding the organization that is advertising to them. Print media can go into detail while social media must get to the point in a second and then let the consumer decide for him/herself if he/she would like to look more into it.


Now we cannot assume that all older audiences use traditional broadcasting because that is definitely FALSE. With more and more older audiences switching to social media rather than print media, social media ends up serving young and old audiences. This differs from print or traditional broadcasting because there are not many young audiences who will transfer to this medium because traditional and print mediums are considered “in the past” and have no use for younger audiences.

Rachel Jacobs




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