Finding Positivity in the Negativity of News Fatigue

In a world so connected, it is difficult to not know what is happening around us – Murder, discrimination, division. Social media is a hypodermic needle that injects us with the negative news of the world and in turn extracts all of the happiness from our hearts. Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but we have to admit, in a way, the constant influx of negativity we receive from social media can give us the idea that the world is a horrible place.


I decided to research this idea a little further by asking some individuals their thoughts towards the constant stream of negativity they have seen in the news as of late. I imagined that I would come away with the idea that this negativity through news fatigue was horrible and unjust. Though, the answers I received were definitely not what I expected.


One individual that I spoke to in regards to this issue agreed that she often experiences news fatigue, but shed a positive light on the issue as she said, “Even though posts lately are focussed mostly on negative things happening in this world, I think that a lot of positive posts have come out into the light to combat the negative.”

Now, more than ever, in a world divided by hate, one positive news story can warm the hearts of many and stand out in the sea of negativity. “It makes me happy when I see people posting about kindness in response to the hate, and I remember those positive stories”, said another individual.


So, maybe the news fatigue created by social media isn’t that bad after all. Social media does carry an inrush of negative posts about the world which can be emotionally draining. But it is this flood of negative posts that allow a rainbow colored spotlight to be shed upon the positive posts. Amidst all of the dull, brown-colored stones, it is easier for you to spot the shiny, rainbow-colored one. And when you do spot this rare rainbow-colored stone, it fills your heart with happiness.


  • Paige Simpson



2 thoughts on “Finding Positivity in the Negativity of News Fatigue

  1. The lucky rainbow stone!
    Really nice post. It’s always nice to see positivity on social media when it seem’s impossible. It’s also great to see conversations happening surrounding all of the media — always a silver lining.

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