Advertising Across Different Mediums

Advertising has been a crucial part of corporations and organizational success since the introduction of print media. Entire divisions have been created to focus on this portion of selling products or ideas. But what is the best medium to advertise through? With the transition from traditional media moving towards the always connected social media over the past 15 years, we are now seeing an evolution in some companies advertising techniques and methods in order to best reach their target audience.

e0d89edad3f2b02988791f45898638b7Social media does have some advantages over traditional media. Advertising on social media platforms are usually much cheaper than spending money on advertising on traditional mediums such as television, radio or billboards. Another advantage social media has over traditional media is instant feedback. Using the hashtags in an advertisement, or by replying to the company directly over their social media pages, consumers can almost instantaneously give feedback to the company, and the company can engage with the consumer from there.

However, traditional media isn’t useless. There are still many people who use traditional media as their source of news and entertainment, both of which contain ads. The people who use these mediums are usually from an older demographic, though even people from this demographic have started to embrace social media.  Traditional media can also focus on a very young demographic, for example children who watch television after school. The traditional media advertisements will focus on these two demographics based on techniques used in the past, whereas the advertising on social media has to be knowledgeable of the current climate on social media in order to maximize its effectiveness. An ad campaign that can use trending hashtags to its advantage is often a successful campaign. Larger, worldwide brands may even have the ability to create their own trending topics and ads, of which smaller companies can latch onto and take advantage of if done properly.

All in all, advertisements using either medium cross over through any of the demographics. It depends on the construction of the advertising strategy used in each medium that will determine how successful the ad is. There must be a specific group of consumers targeted in this strategy in order to reach the desired results. Now, with both mediums crossing over into the other, consumers may be able to view popular commercials on Facebook, or a twitter ad campaign on a television news report. I feel that while many companies have started advertising on social media, traditional media still has a place on the advertising platform.


2 thoughts on “Advertising Across Different Mediums

  1. Great post Ryan! I agree that traditional and new media can cross over in term of advertising campaigns. A lot of the time, I will see a commercial on television that will direct me to a website or social media page to learn more about that specific organization. It’s great to see this mix of old and new mediums being put to use to strengthen an ad campaign.


  2. Awesome post Ryan! I also think that social media is a great way to advertise because it does have some advantages that traditional media does not. I also love your idea on how old and new do come together because that is absolutely true. We will never be able to get rid of print media or traditional broadcasting because let’s face it, there are still so many audiences that like to use them.


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