Everybody Loves Ramen

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Who doesn’t like ramen? The convenience makes it an attractive choice for consumers. Healthier or more nutritious food is often less convenient and takes more time and effort to prepare. A pack of ramen will cost you less than it would to make your own noodles from scratch. You must cut your vegetables and boil your noodles etc. While a pack of ramen is simple: you put it in hot water, add some seasoning, 5-10 minutes later you have a college student’s culinary masterpiece. Both get the job done. Both have the same outcome but, one requires a little more effort and time than the other. This same concept can be applied to online advertisement.

The convenience of online advertising makes it a popular choice among businesses. Spending on internet advertising overtook newspaper ad spending in 2013 and later TV ad spending at the end of 2016. In the US alone 11.93 billion dollars was spent on just Facebook display ads. Digital ads are cheaper, convenient and they get the job done. The average cost per click on a Facebook ad in 2016 was 27.29 cents. A one month ad on Facebook will cost  a minimum of five dollars, which is far less than traditional forms of advertising. Online ads require very little human effort. Online advertising is cheap because  it requires less effort to create ads.

Digital ads vs print ads


Social media ads have very effective targeting capabilities. Most allow businesses to filter their demographics. Whether that is makeup lovers on Instagram or anime fans on Facebook. social media’s very effective targeting proves to be more efficient in advertising. Successful social media ads entice customers to click. Something you can do online that you obviously can’t do on traditional ad platforms is use videos and GIFS. Great content combined with motion or even a funny meme is a good combination that’s gives an advertiser the opportunity to engage with consumers.


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