The Best of Both Worlds

Print, the place where society once sourced their news and information from has taken a back seat to online platforms, which in today’s society serve and feed our hungry, technology obsessed world.


Organizations look to advertise via social media instead of print because of the audiences and large demographics they can target and capture in a matter of minutes, without outputting a lot of energy and money into their product. A digital ad can be interactive and memorable, and as avid users of social media we often are more likely to see advertisements online than in the paper.  “Digital advertising is also particularly helpful for generating useful marketing information,” it can be used to track trends of the audience its targeting, and how many people view their certain campaigns etc.


Print however can still be used as a reliable advertising source but for a different demographic. Print in particular appeals to localized organizations that can continually circulate what they put out for their readers to see. It is considered more expensive because print charges a flat out rate, and may not target its readers as effectively as an online ad would because of where the ad maybe placed, or the relevance of it. Print is also a good source of advertisement in terms of sourcing jobs etc., because anyone can afford a newspaper, but not everyone can afford a phone, laptop, or any other form of technology that is used to reach online advertisements.


The online vs. print advertisement campaigns differ and depending on what audience one wishes to reach they both can be effective in their own manner I believe. However, living in a virtual world, and with technology rapidly improving its ability to generate new sources of information and tools, organizations should definitely look to use this cost effective strategy to advertise. Money drives business, and saving money, whilst targeting a mass audience of consumers is a strategic plan for organizations to encompass.


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2 thoughts on “The Best of Both Worlds

  1. I agree that online and print mediums can both be used to target different demographics. Even though a lot of companies choose to use online marketing to reach their audiences, I think that advertising on print, television, and other mediums would work well when dealing with an older crowd. For example, you hardly ever see advertisements for dentures or shingles cream online, but you do see television commercials and advertisements in magazines about these products/services. It kind of puts into perspective the trouble that some companies, whose target audience is the elderly, must be going through as online marketing becomes more popular.


    1. I totally agree! The difference in demographic is super important for advertisers to consider when they use either print or television. It makes me consider the kinds of ads we see depending on the television show we’re watching- the ads themselves make the show’s intended demographic more clear than the show actually does in most cases.

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