So print media was a thing…

We might be in a new technological age, but ads are still around us. The only difference is, instead of avoiding them in newspapers and magazines, we are stuck pressing the small cross in the right hand corner of our phones.  Now ads have a more personal touch; ie, they are directed specifically to each individual. If we search dogs on Facebook, any post regarding dogs will automatically appear on our news feeds.

When a friend of mine got engaged, he updated his social media accounts (obviously), and now his Instagram is bombarded by all sorts of wedding advertisements. When he first told me about this, I laughed (who wouldn’t), but then I saw it happen to me too. My news feed is filled with ads asking me to like a page, if I would like to buy any kinder surprise style candles (which sadly, I do…).

For some reason, I never thought print media could would disappear. I mean… have you ever smelt a new book? The scent of ink wafting through the freshly printed pages. That’s a scent you cannot get through an iPhone!!!!

Unfortunately, this is the new age of adverts. Gone are the days of newspapers, magazines and flyers, and billboards (pretty sure that was a Mary Kate and Ashley movie); now companies prefer advertising on social media. Of course, they have to pay someone to post continuously online, to keep the audience hooked. But then again, a jobs a job eh?


One thought on “So print media was a thing…

  1. Nice post Ishita! Totally get what you mean by the smell of ink in a new book. I can see the many reasons people choose to use kindles or e-readers, but it still makes me a little sad and I wish I could place a real physical paper book in their hands haha.


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