Businesses and Social media

Businesses use social media all the time to place ads, and promote their products. It’s rare, but occasionally businesses use social media to do “good” as long as they get something out of it, of course.


Businesses exploit the good nature of people unintentionally by infiltrating their subconsciousness with product placement. They may have a hashtag that raises money for something with their products name in it; trying to do good? Or trying to get their name out there? Who knows. People talk, and many people go against these companies who try to do ‘good’ because of the publicity. Recently there’s been a company under duress for this exact reason; that company is Bell Media.


Bell Media holds their Let’s Talk event annually on January 26. They created #BellLetsTalk a hashtag that every time people shared the hashtag  5 cents were donated to mental health research. The hashtag that was monitored on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Bell even created a Snapchat filter that was used the same way as the hashtag, in order to really target nearly every form of social media. They had “good” intentions where they really did raise $6,585,250.50 for mental health in a day,; but were their intentions truly good or was it all for publicity? This question raised debates especially because they fired an employee associated with Bell after she went public with her mental health issues. A few days after the firing the company went forward with their campaign, in support of mental health research.

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Maria McLean, “A former radio host for New Brunswick’s K93 FM[a Bell Media station] in Grand Falls said she was wrongfully fired after asking for medical leave to deal with her depression and anxiety.” States The Huffington Post Canada. A bell representative was trying to cover up the incident saying that “Bell does not dismiss employees because of mental health issues” and yet she was never given an explanation.

This raised lots of negative feedback about Bell’s campaign from other media outlets and the public. As #StopBellLetTalk started trending after this issue arose because people thought that Bell was just using their campaign so people would buy their product. In the end Bell raised more money than any previous year so currently the campaign was still a success. Until we see next years numbers we won’t know if the entirety of the campaign was a success or if people were put off by this years scandal.



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One thought on “Businesses and Social media

  1. The difference between actually caring and trying to get a name out is an important distinction for a business. It’s interesting that the hashtag still caught on even after the company was caught firing someone for the very thing they were trying to bring attention to. I’ll be interested to see the numbers from next year’s campaign and what kind of effect they had.


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