Share, Like & BUY BUY BUY!

A typical wednesday Facebook scrolling session usually consists of mumble-laughing at silly memes and reacting to friends posts; However, the growing popularity of advertisements  on newsfeeds has quickly become the norm. I remember back in 2013, when one could aimlessly scroll up and down, left and right, through various social media platforms and not feel the urge to buy something. Well, the good ol’ days are dead and gone, replaced with ads of every sort of fashion. Are companies seeing a response from this new trend? The answer is:


Not only is it cost-effective; it’s brilliant. a study conducted by Business Insider states that   “Nearly 20% of total time spent online in the US across both desktop and mobile devices is on social platforms. Facebook, alone, makes up 14% of total time spent online.”- And those statistics are just for the average individual… *hint*hint* communications students.

Facebook has revolutionized the market for advertising; instead of spend thousands of dollars on billboards, print advertisement and television commercials, they give the companies a cost effective way to reach thousands of people on something they spend lots of time on: their Facebook feeds.

From first hand experience, I can say that I have discovered brands and companies where I spent a plethora of money on because of my social media.



It may be incredibly annoying to have to skip and scroll past these posts, but no one seems to be jumping to delete their accounts to avoid this exposure- which may have been the master plan of Facebook this whole time….


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