Facebook versus Twitter: Which platform is better?

When a new business forms there is an immediate need to decide how to get its services to its audience and social media plays a major role when branding a company or organization.  Each business is unique and should consider the pros and cons of each online platform before making a decision as to where time and resources are going to go in terms of social media content. I believe the hardest decision lies in the Facebook versus Twitter debate and whether one is superior over the other. However, a study conducted by SimilarWeb suggests that social media usage of the “big four” (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram) has severely decreased in the last year alone. This is something to consider when planning a social media strategy.


Facebook is a great platform for creating a “page” for your business and allows for easy access of the quick information that people need. If I’m considering a new restaurant or clothing store, I usually search Facebook first, because the hours, reviews, pictures, and other information is right there when you open the page! You can see how many likes the business has, if people have “checked in” recently, and what kinds of comments people are making about the service. You can also find the website linked, a phone number, even things like amenities, such as parking and wheelchair access. Facebook allows the audience to find everything they need quickly and efficiently.


However, Twitter also has advantages for businesses and organizations as there is a sense of “real time” on Twitter. There are many examples of people using Twitter to express concern or voice a complaint, and have had the business respond and correct any concerns almost immediately. I see examples of airlines doing this all the time! Twitter works as a great tool when you want to connect with your audience quickly and publicly. Anyone can see the exchanged tweets, so showing your company dealing with a complaint efficiently is a great way to gain and maintain loyal customers.


There are great perks to both platforms, but which is better? I believe that it depends on your business and how you would like to connect with your audience. Facebook is great when you want to explicitly sell something (restaurants, clothing stores, tattoo parlours) and Twitter is great when you want to build a community (universities, local news outlets, non-profits). Making the decision for your business or organization can be difficult one, but it comes down to targeting  where your audience is.



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