The Birth of the Global Village: New Forms of News Dissemination.

The methods of distributing news are constantly evolving as new platforms are created. The age of waiting for your morning newspaper or approaching the town square for information have severely declined over the years. The power of the internet alongside social media has allowed the masses to quickly see what is happening at any time. Social media has allowed the community at large to be involved in the dissemination of news. Marshall McLuhan stated that “ The new electronic independence re-creates the world in the image of a global village”. The global village emulates basic interaction among humans. However, its major contribution is connecting individuals from many ends of the earth while establishing personalized pages—which we may visit at anytime. News organizations do not always have the ability to cover every story right away. As everyday individuals, we may be involved in newsworthy stories, such as war, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks, and with the development of technology we can capture these moments and share them with the world through social media. We constantly see live videos from Facebook and photographs taken by everyday individuals integrated into the news by media organizations. The horrific Facebook live video of Philando Castile being shot by a police officer in Minnesota created a new wave of public news dissemination. The footage reached thousands on social media before it reached any news organizations, which allows the world to share news on their terms without the reliance on the media to share the story.

Image result for facebook live video viral philando castile

Traditional forms of media such as television and newspapers did not encompass the 24-hour availability that social media and the internet embody. Kevin Bakhurst from the UK division of BBC in his article talks about how social media has allowed his network to gather information at a staggering rate, increase audience engagement, and create additional platforms for BBC content. The elevation of social media is not only connecting so many individuals but it also allows for a personalisation of news. Traditional news organizations had the autonomy to choose what stories they wanted to tell. Therefore, social media has forced organizations to adapt to and consider events that are discussed in the global village. Nevertheless, social media has challenged traditional methods of news by exceeding the speed at which we share and discuss news within the world.

-Rahma Dalmar



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