Online Advertising Vs. Traditional Advertising: Why should we go digital?

Back in the day, you’d walk or drive down the street and see a big billboard advertising a movie and generally, that’s how you would find out about upcoming things. article-f0beeda5-a611-4855-8aaa-75bcbbe8ab79-6uc91nf48-hsk1-532_634x392

Or you’d read about it in your local newspaper. But those times have changed and now you find out about everything through digital advertising.

Ads have become so much smarter than the earlier days of the internet, everything is personalized and geared towards the interests you have. Now, Google will analyze your search patterns and share that data with Facebook, and your ads will be different than the person sitting next to you on the bus. One of the big questions people have towards digital marketing is, why should a company choose digital over traditional?

There are many different reasons, and one of the main reasons is that it is much cheaper. traditional-vs-digital-cost

Through traditional marketing you need to broadcast your ad through radio stations, news papers, magazines, and even direct mail. And digital marketing you go through search engines, and social networking; those are the major areas of online advertising. As you can see, traditional media makes use of paper products more than it needs to in the digital age. Let’s think, how often do you get an advertisement flyer in the mail and read it front to back? If you’re me, then you do it every now and then, those sale flyers are good to have! But realistically, you just get them in the mail and throw them out, that is what my parents do.

So a few reasons why organizations should invest more into digital marketing would be: that it saves paper products thus becoming more environmentally friendly, it costs a lot less than traditional media, you are able to hit target audiences a lot more efficiently, and you are also able to see all your ads stats, whereas traditional media you wouldn’t know how many people saw your billboard or newspaper ad, or flyer. The digital age is much more concise and effective for marketers.


However, marketers need to understand that the digital world is different than the traditional marketplace, and so you need to gear your campaigns in that direction. Campaigns would be different because rather than creating an advertisement and sending it out, you would hire a social media strategist to manage advertisements on a daily basis; giving organizations the ability to switch campaigns up at the snap of their fingers. This is much more efficient because you aren’t loosing money trying to create new campaigns all the time. You are paying an employee, paying much lower advertisement costs, and most importantly you are paying with time.

Finally, as we progress further into the digital world we give the opportunity for all demographics to slowly become a part of the movement. As more people join the age of the internet, organizations will be able to target all kinds of specific audiences because each social media medium offers a different demographic. Gone are the days of traditional targeted ads, here are the days that you know who you are targeting. ‘Late Teenagers who enjoy Bath Products’, or ‘Males aged 18-35 who enjoy Action Films.’ The digital age is the present and the future of the marketing world.


  • Sushami Pomerleau-Piquette

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